Located in Hyderabad, Big TV is a 24-hour news channel. The entire media life cycle management starting from media gathering, asset management, storage, and publishing for Big tv across the nation will be driven by Workflowlabs.

Fusion FILEFLOW(F3) enables them to develop dynamic processes for the transfer of files across departments and to other locations like OTT. Thanks to the panel-based integration made possible by the Fusion Pro plugin, users can search, preview, and export media from within the Adobe Premiere Pro interface 

The Fusion solution was also delivered with Workflowlab’s Nitro video server. Nitro video servers’ strong graphics capabilities and adaptable ad replacement features optimize their digital playout and let them provide a distinctive experience on the digital platform.

With the NewsFlow Media gathering platform, Big Tv can fully control media gathering across the enterprise. Newsflow makes it much easier to manage public users because it supports login using Google and Facebook accounts and other social network accounts. This solution allows for the real-time location tracking of users using Google Maps for optimal resource allocation.

Enterprise transcoding is handled by the Fusion COBALT Transcoder.

The scalability of Cobalt allows for the deployment of several nodes for heavy workloads as well as faster-than-real-time transcoding from a single node design.

High-performance Online storage, archive NAS & core networking from DELL-EMC servers as the solution’s storage backbone.

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