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Frequently asked questions

How does resumable file protocol work

Traditional HTTP-based protocols require the entire file to be reuploaded in case of a network issue or a user forced upload stop.   Resumable file upload protocol remembers the file upload progress and resumes the file upload from the point of interruption. This results is huge savings of bandwidth and time. 

What advantages does Newsflow provide over other file transfer technologies like FTP, email, whatsapp etc?
The advantages are multiple

  • Complete control of media gathering across the organization
  • User management is greatly simplified as login is supported via social media accounts such as Google and Facebook
  • Realtime location tracking of users using google maps for optimized resource assignment
  • Supports in-house and cloud deployment or a hybrid deployment.
  • Inbuilt multi-bitrate HD live streaming
  • A low-res proxy of all videos for a quick preview
  • Pause and resume functionality during network outages
  • Detailed Reports and analytics
  • Seamless Integration with newsroom computer systems & Asset management systems to track the movement of media across the workflow
  • Direct playout availability for automation systems
Which cloud platforms does Newsflow support

Newsflow runs on all major cloud platforms such as AWS, Google cloud and Azure

What are the minimum specification to run Newsflow server
  • Dual-core processor
  • 8GB Ram
  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • Linux operating system

For recommended specifications for higher workloads please contact our product expert 

Does the mobile application support both Android and IOS

 Yes, the latest Android and IOS are supported. In addition, a cross-platform web-app supports other platforms such as laptops and PC via a web application.