The perfect amalgamation of Media Asset Management(MAM), Document Asset Management(DAM) & Production asset management(PAM)


Fusion Core


Fusion core forms the primary computing and management engine. Built using industry-leading cluster architecture the solution can scale up to 50 parallel nodes making it ideal for big data management. Fusion core also works as the core framework for the plugin-based architecture making fusion the industry’s first asset management solution with a built-in Plugin marketplace. This enables customers to try out new features and buy them instantly.


Fusion modules


With an intuitive drag-n-drop interface Fusion Fileflow helps you create dynamic workflows for file movement across the organization.  Using the familiar flowchart-based workflow creator tool, complex file workflows can be created in minutes.

  • Schedule-based file copy and move operations.
  • Automated DR copy creation.
  • Attach notifications and alerts based on media state.


Fusion Hype

Edit media and share instantly on social media platforms, users, and groups. 

  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, websites, and OTT platforms
  • Simple to use tagging and categorization.
  • Share media with external users securely. 


Panel-based plugin integration for Adobe creative cloud tools enables to browse, search, import, export, and other functionalities from right inside the Adobe interface.  The plugin supports the following Adobe creative cloud tools :

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects

Fusion COBALT Transcoder

The power of industry-proven Cobalt transcoder has been merged into Fusion, enabling enterprise-class high-quality transcoding.

  • Supports all industry-standard formats
  • Can be configured as a cluster with load sharing for high workload environments.
  • Can be attached to a workflow using Fusion Fileflow.  



Fusion PAM

Manage production assets with ease with an end to end production workflow management tools. Includes the following sub modules

  • Project tracking 
  • Project review
  • Comprehensive ticket management
  • Task creation and management


Fusion DAM

Fusion DAM brings in full-fledged document management capabilities to Fusion. Document preview, review and annotations on documents are supported. The high-performance Elastic search engine helps in lightning-fast search results from scores of documents.

Supported documents : PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, TXT and other open document formats



Fusion has been built ground up to support cloud-only and cloud hybrid workflows. based on microservices architecture Fusion can either be fully deployed on cloud or a hybrid cloud-onprem workflow can be created. The following cloud solutions are currently supported

  • AWS: Deployment & Storage
  • Google Cloud : Storage only


Fusion has an API-based seamless integration with Disk Archive ALTO series of archive storage solutions. 

  • Inbuilt vault management.
  • Automated DR copy creation.
  • Externalization support


Fusion works with major HSM solutions to support LTO-based tape drives and libraries. Fusion supports both LTFS and TAR based archiving with intelligent caching. Fusion additionally supports partial retrieval with the help of Fusion Cobalt transcoder



Fusion analytics brings you deep insights about your media, metadata patterns and storage helping your organisation in planning ahead. Reports based storage usage such as unused and duplicate assets help in optimising the storage space.  

  • Fusion is built on a Linux-based architecture for rock-solid stability and open source technologies.
  • Built to handle huge workloads, Fusion works in a cluster mode and can scale up to 50 parallel processing nodes, thereby ensuring enormous scalability.
  • Practically unlimited metadata fields can be created. Various types of fields are supported, such as date, text, Picklist, Multivalue picklist, etc
  • Industry-first plugin marketplace right inside the application interface – ushers a new era in the application lifecycle management and upgradations. Customers can try out the plugins on a demo basis and buy them once satisfied.
  • Comprehensive user rights management and storage access control with a detailed audit trail of all actions.
  • Host on-cloud, on-prem or choose a hybrid deployment model. This helps in optimizing security and performance. 
  • Collaborate with teams and individuals with an interactive annotation-based feedback system.
  • In-depth storage and data analytics helps you in decision-making to optimize the infrastructure and manpower requirements.
  • Supports bulk data import and export with excel based templates.
  • Ease of maintenance and monitoring with Real-time server performance dashboard.

On-prem deployment

Minimum server requirements

Intel Xeon 8C/16T
Dual 480GB SSD on raid 1 for OS and database
Linux OS

Minimum Client requirements

Intel i5 or higher
1Gbps Network adapter
Windows/ MAC /Linux OS with GUI to run the latest browser

Cloud deployment

Contact our sales team at [email protected] for cloud and hybrid deployments

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