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Case Study – Streamlining media gathering and management for one of India’s biggest news agency

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The client, a large New agency in India, faced challenges in handling their media work spread out in many places. Not only was it geographically scattered, but there were also difficulties accessing the media content. They wanted to make it easier to gather content, run things more smoothly, and deliver news without any hiccups. That’s why they opted to enhance these aspects.

Partnership with Workflowlabs

To address these challenges, the client entered into a strategic partnership with Workflowlabs, a renowned solution provider in media workflow management. The collaboration aimed to revolutionize their media lifecycle management through cutting-edge solutions. The Fusion Asset Management System and the Newsflow – Media Gathering Platform form the backbone of the solution.

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The Fusion Asset Management System stands out with its built-for-cloud architecture. This feature enhances the efficiency of media storage, archival, and retrieval, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the workflow. It seamlessly bridges multiple cloud storage tiers, optimizing storage costs and enabling media access across diverse locations. The solution caters to hundreds of users spread across multiple locations enabling a truly collaborative workflow.

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      On the other hand, the Newsflow platform is a game-changer, in terms of media gathering for reporters spread across India. It facilitates cross-platform access, enabling hundreds of reporters to effortlessly gather, produce, and share information with the head office.

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Cloud Infrastructure

    The entire solution is deployed on cloud infrastructure, playing a pivotal role in the success of the project. A cloud-first approach has allowed the client to eliminate the complexities associated with traditional infrastructure management and maintenance. This strategic move translates into a more agile and efficient media workflow solution, ensuring seamless operations and delivery. The comprehensive integration of Fusion Asset Management and Newsflow, supported by robust cloud infrastructure, marks a significant leap forward in the client’s media lifecycle management.

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  • The integration of Fusion Asset Management and Newsflow, along with a Reliable cloud architecture, has greatly improved how the client manages their media activities. The streamlined workflow has improved content aggregation, enhanced management processes, and ensured seamless media delivery. The client now boasts a more agile and efficient media operation, thanks to eliminating traditional infrastructure complexities.


   The successful collaboration between the media enterprise and Workflowlabs showcases a commitment to innovation in media workflow management. The adoption of advanced solutions and cloud technology has resulted in a more efficient, agile, and seamless media operation, positioning the client as a leader in the evolving landscape of media lifecycle management.