Gujarat’s pioneering 24-7 news channel in Ahmedabad has transitioned to a comprehensive automation solution provided by Karthavya & Workflowlabs. The channel has modernized its broadcasting setup by adopting Karthavya’s Blaze NRCS, facilitating seamless communication between systems. Playout operations have been automated using QuickEdge Automation Solution, reducing errors and improving efficiency. With the Fusion Asset Management system, Gujarat First effectively manages its extensive media assets. The digital playout experience has been enhanced through Nitro video servers, featuring robust graphics and flexible AD replacement capabilities, ensuring a unique viewing experience for its audience.

Workflowlabs oversees the entire automation infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration of all components. Their expertise in managing both hardware and software components guarantees optimal system performance. By entrusting infrastructure management to Workflowlabs, Gujarat First can focus on creating engaging content while leaving technical operations in capable hands.

The Newsflow – Media Gathering platform serves as a vital tool for many news reporters stationed across various locations, allowing them to gather, create, and exchange information seamlessly. Additionally, the COBALT Transcoder ensures high-quality transcoding for enterprise needs. Cobalt’s scalability ranges from a single-node setup, enabling faster-than-real-time transcoding, to a multi-node configuration suitable for handling demanding workloads.

Through the strategic integration of these tools, Gujarat First has enhanced its efficiency and reliability, consistently delivering high-quality news content to its audience.

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