News Malayalam 24*7, a new venture backed by a seasoned team of journalists and technicians, the channel is integrating a range of advanced technological solutions to streamline its operations and elevate the standard of news delivery in the Malayalam-speaking community

Blaze NRCS marks a pivotal advancement in the newsroom’s functionality, fostering a collaborative environment that empowers journalists to curate and deliver news with unprecedented precision and swiftness.

With the adoption of Fusion Asset Management system, provided by Workflowlabs, News Malayalam has established a formidable system for managing its vast array of media assets. This system ensures a streamlined workflow, enabling swift access and deployment of content for broadcasting.

Cobalt Transcoder. This transcoding solution guarantees that video content is swiftly adapted to meet the diverse requirements of multiple broadcasting platforms.

QuickEdge Automation has been introduced to automate the channel’s workflow, thereby optimizing the efficiency of broadcast operations. This is complemented by the Nitro Video servers, which consolidate operations, economize space, and simplify maintenance, all while minimizing environmental impact.

In the realm of infrastructure, News Malayalam has made a strategic investment in DELL Storage and Networking. These solutions are tailored to meet the intensive demands of media production, featuring high-performance storage systems and robust networking capabilities that ensure seamless data management and connectivity.

With these new improvements, News Malayalam is all set to change the way news is broadcast in Kerala. They’ll be sharing news faster and more dependably, making sure they stay at the top as one of the best news sources around.

We extend our gratitude to Mediateams & Mr Manikandan, CTO of News Malayalam 24×7 TV for their exceptional work in achieving seamless integration with a range of solutions throughout the project. Their expertise and collaborative approach have been instrumental in the project’s success


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