Newsfirst news network streamlines media gathering with Newsflow media gathering platform

Objective IconObjectives 

Newsfirst news network is known to incorporate modern technologies in news production. They were searching for a solution that could simplify their media collection process, address the drawbacks of the existing media gathering technologies, and be simple enough for non-technical users to utilize.

Challenges IconChallenges

Being a 24×7 news channel with more than 24 bureau offices and around 50 reporters the amount of content generated was quite high. Users were accustomed to sending media via email, WhatsApp, and FTP. It was difficult to track and verify the content’s origin.

Solutions iconSolutions

Within a month of installation, Newsflow became their go-to solution for all media to be sent to the head office. Reporters, bureaus, and freelancers associated with the network now had a single tool that could rely on. More than 100 hours of fresh content per day are processed by the Newsflow platform.

“I have always felt that the media gathering workflow needed a major transformation. Workflowlabs Newsflow addresses this. This should have been the way to send media to head office a long time ago, glad that we are using it now”                                          


CTO , Newsfirst news network



  • Cross-platform access: Android, iOS & Web

Users can access multiple types of devices across different platforms. The user experience remains the same across the media. 

  • Simple user interface:

The interface is designed keeping in mind the number of not tech-savvy users in a media organization

  • Resumable file protocol:

Huge time and bandwidth savings with an industry-leading file upload handling mechanism. Upload is in chunks of data, and in case an upload is stopped due to a network issue or user intervention, it resumes exactly from where it stopped. 

  • Location tracking & reports:

Users at the head office get instant previews of media sent and optionally track the user’s location enabling quick decisions.