RTV a 24×7 news channel from Hyderabad enhances Efficiency with Workflowlabs’ Automation Solutions. RTV LIVE, a leading Telugu News and Entertainment hub upgraded its broadcasting setup with Karthavya’s Blaze NRCS, ensuring seamless communication between systems. They automated playout operations using QuickEdge Automation Solution, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. Fusion Asset Management system managed its vast media assets efficiently, and high-performance DELL Storage supported swift data storage and retrieval. RTV enhances its digital playout through Nitro video servers‘ robust graphics and flexible AD replacement features. This optimization ensures a unique digital experience for their audience.

Workflowlabs manages the entire automation infrastructure, ensuring all components work together seamlessly. Their expertise in handling the hardware and software components of the automation system guarantees optimal performance. By entrusting its infrastructure management to Workflowlabs, RTVlive can focus on creating compelling content while leaving the technical aspects of its operations in capable hands.

By strategically integrating these tools into its workflow, RTV Network has elevated its efficiency and reliability, enabling it to deliver high-quality news and entertainment content to its audience consistently.

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