Tamil Janam, the new-age Tamil news channel, has recently teamed up with Karthavya and Workflowlabs to make its operations smoother. They chose Karthavya for its reliable QuickEdge Automation solution, which now includes the QuickEdge MAM & Archive system. This system is known for handling big media collections with ease, offering stability and efficiency with its user-friendly interface.

By adding Nitro video servers, Tamil Janam has made its digital broadcasts even better. These servers help consolidate operations and save space, making maintenance easier and reducing environmental impact. Plus, with COBALT Transcoder, they can transcode videos quickly and efficiently to meet their needs.

To top it off, Tamil Janam manages its media assets smoothly with Workflowlabs’ Fusion Asset Management system. With Fusion FileFlow, they can distribute files easily both internally and to other platforms.

Thanks to these upgrades, Tamil Janam is delivering news faster and more reliably than ever.



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