Vistara News is one of the prominent 24-hour news channels in Karnataka. Workflowlabs will manage the complete media life cycle for Vistara News, commencing with media gathering, asset management, storage, and publishing.

Vistara News may create dynamic workflows for the transmission of files between departments and to other destinations, such as OTT, thanks to Fusion FILEFLOW(F3). The Fusion Pro plugin’s panel-based integration enables users to search, preview, and export media from within the Adobe Premiere Pro user interface.

The Nitro video server from Workflowlabs is also part of the workflow. Rock solid stability and the option to play while ingest and edit while ingest ensure a quick turnaround time.

Vistara News has complete control over media gathering across the company thanks to the NewsFlow Media gathering platform. Newsflow supports login using Google, Facebook, and other social network accounts, making it much simpler to manage public users and freelancers. In order to allocate resources as efficiently as possible, this NewsFlow solution enables real-time location tracking of users using Google Maps.

The Fusion COBALT Transcoder handles enterprise transcoding.

Cobalt’s scalability enables both faster-than-real-time transcoding from a single node configuration and the deployment of many nodes for heavy workloads.

Solutions from Workflowlabs also include – DELL High-performance all-flash storage optimized for M&E workloads, DELL Scalable Tape library, and DELL high-speed Core networking.

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