Reporter News chose Workflowlabs for its all-inclusive automation tools. They selected Nitro video servers over competitors due to their exceptional stability and user-friendly interface. With this technology, Reporter-News ensures seamless content delivery to its audience.

To streamline their media gathering process, Reporter-News relies on the robust NewsFlow platform. This solution grants Reporter News complete control over media gathering operations across the organization. NewsFlow supports login using popular social networks accounts like Google and Facebook, simplifying the management of public users and freelancers. Additionally, the real-time location tracking feature, powered by Google Maps, enables efficient resource allocation.

Reporter News leverages the Fusion Asset Management System to maximize the value of every asset. This innovative system seamlessly connects and manages both on-premise and cloud storage, enabling a hybrid asset management approach. By combining the speed advantages of on-premises deployment with the accessibility and scalability benefits of the cloud, Fusion ensures an optimal workflow and exceptional performance for Reporter-News.

With Workflowlabs as their automation partner, Reporter-News is revolutionizing the way news is produced, delivered, and managed. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, Workflowlabs Empowers Reporter-News to Take the Forefront in Malayalam News, Delivering Reliable and Engaging Content

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